Welcome to Grønn Kontakt

Grønn Kontakt offer smart charging solutions to all electric cars. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to drive green. We provide you with fast charging stations on the go, and we offer smart charging solutions for companies, parkinglots and private homes.

Charging services for businesses, parking and apartments
For more information please contact Managing director Ole Henrik Hannisdahl at ohh@gronnkontakt.no or via phone + 47 97 78 26 77.

Service for electric car drivers
How to charge with Grønn Kontakt
The easiest way to access our charging network is to download and register in our app.

ChargingMap – The app lists all charging stations in Norway. You can filter to see only Grønn Kontakt chargers, or by plug.
Navigation – Accurate road descriptions and easy navigation to your requested charging station.
Start/stop – Use the app to start and stop the charging session.
You charging session will be billed through the app. Easy and practical.

Order Grønn Kontakt charging chip – to put on your keychain.
Register here and we will send you a chip by mail.


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